Thursday, January 16, 2014

My 14 notes to myself for the new year. Big world. Big words.

1. Enjoy life. Live by your standards, others' approval don't always count. Watch a corny movie. Eat something pink. Drink something blue. Make faces. Crack a joke at random. Wear your heart at all times. Don't do it to impress, do it because it feels like your happiness waiting to happen. Be prepared to be swept away.
2. Don't worry about things we can't change. If they are meant to, they'll happen regardless. When you turn your face skyward at night, notice how determined the moon and the starts to shine bright, instead of worrying about how dark it is. 
3. It's fine to expect too much, but we have to accept that's it is always a 50-50 chance that we'll win, or we will be disappointed. As they say, life is unfair to all of us, therefore it is fair. Dream big, dream the impossible, dream what others don't dare to dream. No dream is big enough, there is always room for more.
4. Keep moving. It doesn't matter where, just move. It keeps life's momentum. It gives life meaning, even when that meaning is a question. The answers do not lie in just one place. Keep looking. Enjoy searching and finding them would be most fulfilling.
5. Don't rush life. Slow down. Stop chasing after things no matter how important they seem to be at such moment. Take a moment to consider possibilities, sometimes there is too much chaos in our minds that we don't hear the important thing the universe is telling.
6. Check corners for little extras. Even a dead-end serves a purpose. You will be surprised at what secrets lies on unexpected and ignored places. You will not always find something, but when you do, it's all worth it.
7. Do some tango with a stranger. Eat some ice cream on a cold night. Be random. Be spontaneous. You don't have to plan every little thing. The perfect moments are in those unplanned ones. The perfect moments come when all your guards are down. Open up, loosen your nerves, and you'll feel the greatness in spontaneity.
8. Avoid imitating the world's routine. Create your own. It doesn't even have to be a routine. Life is anything but boring and predictable if we will recognize how much wonderful it can get. 
9. Stop waiting for others to make mistakes just so we can be the better man. Recognize the fact-as-to-experience truth that we can't learn it all on our own, others' mistakes help a lot. Make your own and let them make theirs. Learn from both. Do not criticize. Forgive shortcomings, regardless of whose it is.
10. Even if there's no more reason to, even if it looks stupid to others... just keep on believing. Don't give up just because the rest of he world has. Do it on your own terms. Fight back. You don't even have to win them all. Just love each battle and be dignified in doing it. You cay lay down your weapon when you are ready to.
11. Make the most of today. Explore. Don't tell yourself the unknown is too much to grasp. Face your fears. Fight what scares you to try. Don't stick to just one option. Even if it turns out bad, it is nice to look back and be able to say to ourselves "that was one tough me." 
12. Trust your heart to know the difference between sincere and overwhelmed. Be honest with your feelings. Be real. Work out your fears so they can somehow be used as strengths. When you find a loophole in something that should be strong, do not criticize. Everyone fails sometimes. Everyone who knows courage had known real heartbreak first.
13. Smile. Even when everything is at its worst, a smile in itself is a sign that we haven't given up hope yet. Smile at strangers, otherwise you'll never know how many would've smiled back. Do something silly so you can laugh at yourself. Smile about happy moments. Smile about the lessons from the bad ones.
14. Keep your faith. Pray. Shadows mean there is light beside the darkness. Someone is always keeping watch and we don't have to do it all alone.

For something funny and random, I'm gonna watch Bride For Rent with my best friends sometime this week (hopefully), then eat real food at a real food place. I'm taking a break from English films and junk food. What's your story? 


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