Thursday, January 2, 2014

special favors and special torments...

I've been deleting ebooks I've read from my phone to save some space for the list of ebooks I've got lined up for downloading. For some reason, I can't delete the Night Shadows trilogy written by Brent Weeks. I think I want to read them again. And I thought, hey, I want to blog about it, too! **wink**

I don't know why I am hooked with this story. It has a lot of unfamiliar terms and complicated connections that most of the time, I had to stop and think hard first before finally getting it. I even look up online if there is a fourth book because I got frustrated with how the third one ended; yeah, I'm that hooked. But then, when I got the hang of it, I can't help but love the twists and turns of the story.

My favorite aspect of the trilogy is how it was able to give love so many meanings and yet they are all love in the end. Momma K's and Durzo Blint's secret love to each other that lead to their own destruction of each other's happiness. Jarl's love to Virdiana; she was so broken that she had given up on herself, he was so broken too but he was willing to fix them both. Count Drake's love to Kylar, he is willing to forgive even before Kylar had sinned. Momma K's love to her daughter that was never selfish. Durzo's love to her daughter that he'd rather kill her himself than make her suffer in the hands of his enemies. Dorian's love to Jenine that lead him from goodness to madness. Logan's love to Jenine that had made him promise even the unthinkable. The concubine's love to the Godking that they saw themselves born to serve him regardless of any evil he does. Solon's and Kaede's love that was so powerful and true that it had overcome long years of separation, betrayal, and death. Logan's love to his country that he punished death to his own bestfriend for treason. Virdiana's love to Kylar so unconditional that she'd set him free even when she had the power to make him love her back. Kylar's and Elene's love (this was the most beautiful and heartbreaking for me), he gave her a life and a future and she helped him keep his soul. Despite all the evil that had changed these people in one way or another, they were able to hold on to love. No one escapes the corrupt world, but everyone has a chance to turn things around. Every one is given more than one chance to make change and be a better person. We can always be good, no one even has to know that we really do it. Love kept them good, it kept them human. It gave them promise and hope. Maybe this book is really about love alone, there were just so many layers to it that I concluded it's equally about death, loyalty, lies, power, magic, faith, and the seven deadly sins.

There's a lot to love in this book (I hope I can be creative enough to make a real review, but sorry, I just don't have it in my blood). Here are my quote collection (fresh from my 2013 diary). If you're looking for a book that could give you a headache and keeps you awake and excited at the same time, this trilogy is a must-try. Happy New Year!

When have you been most powerful? When you've acted in harmony with the deepest parts of your spirit. --The Wolf

We're always committing to things e don't fully understand. --Durzo Blint

Maybe it isn't fair to expect love to be the same every time. --Jenine

The only worse thing than losing them is getting them back the wrong way.

Sometimes to love is easy, but to accept love is hard. --Durzo Blint

It is magic, it just isn't just magic. The most potent magics are tied to human truths: beauty and passion and yearning and fortitude and valor and empathy. --The Wolf

A man who denies what is essential to his being is a man who drills holes in the cup of his own happiness.

That's the burden of leadership, Logan: making the choice when none of the choices are good. --Kylar Stern

Everyone who's infatuated thinks he understands love. --Logan Gyre

Some things are bigger than your happiness. --Jarl

Just because it's a dream doesn't mean it's a lie. --Momma K

There are things more valuable than life. You can't pay for all you've done. But you aren't beyond redemption. There's always a way out. And if you're willing to make the sacrifice, the God will give you the chance to save something priceless. --Count Drake

Your purpose in life isn't your happiness. We're part of a much bigger story. Everyone is. If your part is unsung, does that make it worthless? --Dorian