Saturday, May 4, 2013

when all else fails... I blog.

Sometimes we are the one happy, sometimes we are the one sad so others could experience that happiness. It is not happiness on our expense, it is just happiness that could not be shared with us... not anymore. The rule is, live by the day so we wont live by the past. Live by the day if the future is too dreadful for us to think about, to plan. Live by the day if we are tired of keeping promises that never really come true. Live by the day if there's so much thoughts and none of them we want to really think about. Live by the day if we don't want to live anymore. 

Live by the day until the routine gets its momentum. And then from that momentum, pick up the broken pieces and build another "lego house."  Once we start to try to make things better for us again, eventually we would find what it is we are looking for. Better things are only better because we make them, not because others give us enough chance to see them as that. No matter how much we hope for an easy way, there will always be difficult days. So we have to welcome bad days as we welcome the good ones. They too, shall pass...

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I only have two things to say... First, no matter how hard you try to live your life based on your truth, it will still remain your truth and yours alone. Don't play around with others' truths because you can always end up as the one getting burned. Second, not because you don't feel the presence does not mean it doesn't exist. Be careful what you wish for because once you get it, it might not at all be what you had expected. Then it is already at the point of no return no exchange zone.

You see, there are lots of blind spots, we can't cover 'em all....