Friday, May 3, 2013

the best thing i never had...

And then time stopped.... not because it's the end of the world, not because something breathtaking took place... it stopped simply because it ran out of battery charge. Which could be a good thing, or a bad one, depends on where you stand. 
yep... i need new batteries for this. it is, after all, my favorite watch... 
My wristwatch stopped functioning... and no one even noticed. When something dies at you, what do you usually do? Do you make efforts to bring back its life... or do you dwell first on whether it really has value or not? When something dies at you, how long do you feel sorry or cry over the loss? Or does it also depends on lots of things? I think that's the point. When we start to think too much, we lose a lot of emotions. Thinking things over and over is not the solution at all times, sometimes you just have to realize what your heart tells you to do. Losing ourselves in the emotion is a risk most of us fear to take--- because we got hurt before, because we were always disappointed, because we were the ones always left behind, because no one ever really stayed around long enough to make us feel loved ---but it is also chance I would not want to miss for anything. And it's scary... how uncertain people could get and how much decisions could change in a snap. It's scary to let yourself feel the same good things knowing how intense the bad feelings they could bring. It's scary to smile for the same reasons that used to make you cry. Things change, people go, things get broken, watches and stuff stop working at some point... the deal is, we adjust at whatever life sets before us. It's either it's meant to be, or we allowed it to be that way. And it's rarely not too late to turn back... and even if it still is, it is hardly ever the same exact thing it used to be.

Then it occurred to me that my watch is not really dead, it just needs new batteries. And yeah, I think I'm gonna go have my watch fixed. 


p.s. the title is not really related to the post itself. it was just the song playing at MYX Channel when I started to make this hard feelings!