Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Just Whatever on a Tuesday

If as a kid you thought everything was awesome and wonderful and your imagination brought you to chocolate factories and Disneyland, you had a topnotch childhood. Some kids don't even know what a happy giggle sounds like.

If as a kid you struggled in choosing which bedtime story your parents would read each night, you had a childhood full of love. Some kids don't even have parents to share dinner with.

If as a kid you wanted all Christmas and birthdays to be just about you and somehow you got your way with the adults, what a cute brat you must have been. Some kids never had a cake with their names on it.

Your life was perfect. Then you started to grow up. You started to have responsibilities to yourself and to others. 24 hours seems so short all the time. You still had so much to do that you always thought you were running late on everything. Time passes and you're still running. You still have not gotten your way. Still too much responsibilities. You think it sucks to be you. You feel sorry for what you are not yet even after trying so hard to be someone great and famous. You've been focusing all your energy and time to create more and add titles to your name. You wanted people to remember more than just your face. You chase away idle moments and ignored stopovers because they were such a waste. You circled through life like nothing mattered but achieving your goals and dreams. Nothing did matter... until you've reached the top. Then things started to matter. You tried to remember the last family reunion you've attended. You tried to browse though social media checking if your friends still know you like before. You searched your phone gallery, desperately looking for a familiar face with warmth. Nothing. 

People has moved on from you. You were after the wrong things this entire time, and it was already too late when you figured it out. If you can just turn back time, I'm sure you'd probably do the same things. Or not. See, the thing is, "Life is too short" is such a cliche that people take it for granted.  We throw away a lot of unimportant small items, deciding to just consume our life's space with huge ones, that when one big thing is gone, we are so empty. No small anything to fill in the hole. This time, it sucks to be you, for real.
How to not suck to be you? Grow up extraordinary. Don't be like the rest of the world who wishes for wealth and fame and ends up alone. Wish for wealth and fame and be with people who matters. You can't have it all, but dude, who says you can't dream of it all? Just know your priorities. Know which ones are you willing to lose in the long run. If push comes to shove, which will you let go? As long as you know what you want and you won't get confused when it's time to choose, it's ok to want it all. Otherwise, just think it over which can't you live without for a long time.

I've just finished reading Jennifer Smith's This is What Happy Looks Like. It's an ordinary book. Some might even say there is really nothing special about it. I've actually read it twice, the first time was last year around November. Why? Because the book felt good to me. The email conversations were sweet. The pace of the story was not dragging. I remember someone from the story. It made me smile. You should try it sometimes.