Thursday, April 2, 2015

One-way traffic street. Pride. GoT.

The cab driver was honest enough to admit that he didn't know where E. Rodriguez is. Our destination was St. Luke's. So I said to just drive and I will tell him where to go. Good for all of us for trusting me with directions, we ended up on a one-way street with big trucks coming from the opposite way. Kuya driver, focused and calm, made a turn and found the right lane. Where am I getting at? Nothing, really, it was just very funny and educational. 

In life, we have to go against the flow sometimes, or else we will never know how it feels like to be someone everybody expected us not to be. Even when life is kind enough to give us all the easy and good options, it is okay to look for difficult questions to answer. When life is easy for us, we should be harder on ourselves. It is the only way to learn how to live. When people are hard on us, that's the time when we should take it easy. Everyone has limits. Seriously though, I am just making up an excuse for breaking the traffic rules. 

I took comfort in downloading the whole Game of Thrones Season 4. Even if it is just a make-up world, I admire a lot of characters on this series. I like Bran, because he bloomed as the young man chasing dark corners to discover his purpose. There's Khaleesi, whom I can't decide whether I love more or hate more. Then Jon Snow, I mean, who doesn't want him to survive and prove to all he's more than a bastard, right? My most favorite is Arya, the high-spirited girl driven by revenge to those who wronged her father and family. There's a lot lot lot more interesting, amusing, annoying, and hateful characters on GoT. I was shocked when Arya's mom, brother, and those with them, were murdered during a dinner party after a wedding. I hope my favorite characters don't die. 

Forgive my nonsense. I am overthinking things. Or. I just don't need sad moments right now.

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