Friday, April 3, 2015

6 Things my Ex-boyfriend had taught me

1. Know when to stop chasing the wrong things and the wrong people. Be kind to yourself. If you keep on welcoming pain just because you think it is worth the while, you might get to the point where you no longer value anything or anyone. Then you might lose all the motivation and forget why you started fighting in the first place. Do not sacrifice who you are just to get something you're not even sure you really want to have. Forever is a concept of love, trust, loyalty, faith, compromise, sacrifice, combined as one formula.

2. Do not let rejection be your undoing. When you are rejected, look for something positive it caused. If you can't find one, create one of your own. Then believe it so it can be real. Rejection ends relationships, but it does not kill dreams. It can cause temporary numbness, but eventually brings back your feelings. Then when you got the flow of emotions once more, you can move on and give life another shot. Over and over, you give life one more chance. Then maybe, you will get the same favor in return. That's all it takes: One chance.

3. Discover good vibes from what's there instead of drawing pain for what's not anymore. Sometimes, you get to lose some so you can learn to appreciate another. Sometimes, you get to be alone to discover how strong you can be. You are capable of so much more, you were designed to do great things. When the outside world is too chaotic to give answers, try to look closer in you. Simple things are normally the answers to complicated questions.

4. Leave something you can go back to when all else fails. Something kind. Something calming. Something you love unconditionally. Something that will stay no matter what. Then you can take comfort from it whenever you feel alone and abandoned. Then you won't feel as hopeless as you could have been. Anything you can hold on to make a difference matters. Your hearts can even call it Home.

5. Live one day at a time. A day or two cannot fix a broken heart. It takes time for wounds to heal. It takes time for realizations to sink in. If one day is too hard, live just by the hour. It doesn't matter what you are living for, or how long you're willing to take the small steps just to get to wherever the destination is. As long as it is for the better, it is always okay. As long as you keep going and hoping, it is okay. And maybe, it will not just be okay, maybe it is the opportunity for better things (The Walking Dead).

6. When there is nothing left, go back to the basics. Breathe in. Breathe out. Watch the sunrise, then wait for the sunset. Wake up. Eat. Watch a movie. Play poker. Talk to your friends. Visit your father. Say 'I love you' to someone important. Exercise. Get a dog. Sing a country song. Eat something sweet. Jog. Make face. Dress up your best summer outfit. Sit on you porch with a book and drink coffee. Write a journal. When the world is too much, we can always go back to the basics.

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