Sunday, March 29, 2015

Life can't be that bad all the time, right?

The silence tells me something is about to happen. Something important. Something life changing. Something that would decide a person's happiness. Something that would result to someone else's sadness. The would-be happy person knows how pain feels like. The would-be sad one has experienced joy, too. It looks fair, somehow, to the eyes of the one making the final judgement. But it is not. 

For it to be fair, no one should be making the choice for anyone, no one should be manipulating fate. It is not fair because it will never work out, knowing someone has made it that way. Still, it has been decided.

Words will be said. Good news. Bad news. 

Then people will act out of the orders given. Someone will have forever, another won't. Someone will see the good side of life, someone will lose tha chance to have even just a glimpse. One will have a family while another will be alone until the end. 

No reconsideration. No second chances.

It has been decided.

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