Thursday, January 15, 2015

When all else fails, there is HOPE.

I love how Destiny gets us to where we need to go, even when it means leading us to a dead-end first. I love the way Love molds us into a better person every time, even when it means shattering our whole being first. I love how Fate keeps it greatest promise and gives us our own happy ending, even when it means breaking other promises of joy and peace. I love how Life gives us that spark of hope when we are just about to give up, even when it means we will have to go on and take risks again.

Life is not perfect. It's that ultimate cliché that seems to give sense to everything. 2014 was like my "transformation" year. After all the painful things that happened on 2013, it was like a struggle when 2014 started. Then I found meaning in the the most unexpected places. I was not even looking. 

I found a new love. I found the career growth I was not aware I was looking for. I got closer to my family who understands everything even when I don't understand it myself. I got liberated for being who I am, and not who everyone else is. I found my place in another family who accepts me because I exist, not because I am useful and all. I found myself again. 2014 is the year when the 20-something-year-old me finally grew up in more ways than I ever imagined. 

I found happiness. I found contentment. I found forgiveness I never thought I could give. I learned to let go. I found peace.

My favorite game (at the moment) is right. Hope is a waking dream. It is that inner "us" that says we can do it, then will give us the reason to really make it happen. Hope is that tiny shadow of faith in life when too much light is clouding our judgement. Hope is that "something" that pushes us forward all the time. It never fails. It never will.

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Sharing my night's playlist. Sixpence NTR and them all.
Yes! I am wasting my leave on nonsense things I super miss doing.