Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Love Advice #2: Life is too short. Do not be shy to say "I love you."


Before the year ends, I just want to say...
**Pictures are in no particular order.**

To my high school buddies.
It's been, what, nine/ten years? I already stopped counting. You are my second family and I love you guys so much. For being there when everyone else got tired and bored of me, thank you. I always look forward to our random reunions and food-tripping!

To Ate and Jane (and my little inaanak, Yosh).
We've never been as close like before. This year marked a huge change to our lives. As always, we made it as a family. You will always be in my heart, even if I am far away. I love you.

To my 'other' siblings, Jho and Josh (no, they are not twins!haha).
Thanks for always giving time to listen to my complaints about life. I know you are happy for me being happy. Still, no drama is no fun at all! Just kidding! Seriously, I am happy that you treat me not just a friend, but as a real sister. I love you from Mandaluyong and back!

To my Bacco Bucci Buddies.
I love you. I have no choice! You forced yourself into my introvert world and drastically pulled me out from it. I am so glad I met you. Let us keep on "Wocking" 2015!