Tuesday, May 21, 2013

when you can't think out of the box 'coz YOU are the box.

You can only accept errors to a certain extent. Beyond that, you can say it's senseless, incoherent, meaningless.... Unbloggish. Yeah, naniniwala din ako na walang ganitong salita. Pero gaya nga ng sabi ng nakaimbento ng salitang ito, Nagkakaron lang ng bagong word kapag may nangahas na gamitin siya.

Ang lahat ng paglalakbay ay may dalawa lamang uri ng katapusan... 
1. Finish Line
2. Point of Surrender

Finish Line
When it's all about going in circles, the 'finish line' becomes a decision. When the ultimate purpose becomes  nothing but matter of chances and second best options, the 'finish line' becomes the new starting point. And one decides based on the future he desires... based on what his heart tells him to be the genuine and real. One could decide based on what the past had been, but nothing from the past could serve the purpose of being the ultimate deciding factor. 

This is hard because it comes with a lot of sacrifices and difficult decisions. The future is a solid blur but you hope that it's gonna be better. anyway. It's a trick we learn as a child. You get wounded, your mom kisses the wound and the pain magically turns into painless sting. The pain doesn't really go away, but somehow your mind finds a way to make the rest of you realize that it doesn't really make a difference if it is still painful or not. You move on and believe in non-existent magic. Then at some point the pain would really go away...

Point of Surrender
Giving up on something does not make a person weak, it does not make anyone a lesser man.... well, I take that back... it really depends. There's the good surrender (no pun intended. LOL), there's the bad one. The point of surrender that pisses the gods and goddesses off is that point when one gets greedy and selfish. Since it is just  not humanly possible to have it all, we are obliged to make sacrifices. And no one is always the wiser. We get to choose what we see fit best in the present situation. And since change is the only thing constant in this world, there is no such thing as consistency. The best for now could be our biggest regret tomorrow. The person who always wins is the one who takes the risk and consider the possibility of losing. When one gets greedy and selfish, the battle is already a lost cause even before the fight gets started.

The usual diagnosis for Selfishness and Greediness Syndrome? Too much responsibilities, too much demands, too much of everything that is just not manageable anymore. We thought we are too good to be true that we could handle it all. We fail to see that we can never upset the balance of the universe by trying to make everything work out in our favor. Then we lose important things, or we lose stupid stuff, or we lose from both categories. Then we point fingers when we can no longer handle the heaviness of the guilt... we find our escapes in just about anywhere that seems to fit. We don't recognize our faults because in our own twisted though we say to ourselves, Hey I did my best. If that's not enough, then that's your problem. The thing is, we don't do or give our best just for the sake of emotional investment. We try to make everything the best because it's what we feel like doing... yeah, nothing beats sincerity and thoughtfulness.

So there goes a lost cause. Going in circles. Placing blames. Finding short-cuts that don't really exist. We chase loose ends without realizing that they will always be loose ends. Sometimes, there are just too many questions and few supply of answers. And we just have to be okay with that. We play fire, we don't complain when we get burned. We ignore people, we don't cry when we lose them forever. We throw away things, we don't get mad when we are left with none. We don't love unselfishly, we don't get righteous when we are called selfish and fake.

I know there's nothing to be ashamed of in giving up. I don't have issues with giving up. I've been there and I've done that a million times. But giving-up without putting up a fight? That's what makes it all look wrong.

But then again the Point of Surrender could also be someone's Finish Line. One just have to find the trick on how to turn tables... **wink**
It's a blurry, crazy world.
So what are you really.... the Finish Line, or the Point of Surrender? Or maybe this is the wrong question.
There is a blank sheet of paper in front of you.... how would you write your story?
^_____^ (n__n)