Friday, May 17, 2013

Sky High sa Tagaytay..

Random plan na sinamahan ko.... and I loved it. :)

Summer visit to Tagaytay City with friends. Hindi naman talaga ako invited... pero bakit ba, kanya-kanyang trip. And I'm posting pictures taken by the people in the pictures (other than me) sa blog na ito habang nakikinig sa Young, Wild, and Free.

Up Above in Sky Eye. 
The ride of the day. It was all part of the plan so we rode
the soon-to-be famous highest ferris wheel in the country.
Photog Bummers.
When you're bored and tired of Manila air,
Tagaytay is the most accessible getaway.
Meet and Greet.
Invading foreign territory. Scary, but yeah, I survived.
And I'll choose to go again given the chance.
Food Trips.
Comfort everywhere, but damn, nothing beats food.
Everything Nice and Not.
What is important is that you are both there,
in good times and bad. Nothing else would matter if two is
always one; you two can be invincible.
- - - - - - - - -

Maybe I was not supposed to be there, maybe I really was. I only have one (long) sentence to say to those who are skeptic in all whatever this is: You can only enjoy your life if you open yourself to the possibility that happiness is not just about choosing to be happy, it is also about being content in whatever life offers you as happiness. 

Everything ends. Things constantly change. People grow up and  sometimes they get fed up too. But what will remain real are those we value, those things we don't neglect, those we accept the way they are, those we consider part of who we are no matter where we go or who we are with. That even if time comes that they do need to change too, you could bend along with the change...and life goes on together.


  1. Tagaytay will forever remain as one of my favorite places in the world. Ang tagal ko na ding hindi nakakapunta... at kagay mo sana pag bumalik ako dun, I have my own story to tell :)

    1. im sure you'll always have stories to tell...kahit tungkol pa yan sa manong driver na iniligaw ka...or whatever. :)

  2. I love the food in Tagaytay and would like to visit soon. I agree with your words of wisdom. Happiness is within, it is a choice.

    1. everyone loves food sa Tagaytay! :) punta ka din dun, masaya siya!

  3. First of all that for visiting my page. 2nd, i love the name of you blog. I'm following it now :D

    1. ayiiiiie. :)) thank you thank you! followed you back po!

  4. was this the park in front of Pagcor? :O I actually can't remember the place it was. :P But that white ferris wheel was barely seen in my rusty mind. its newly opened right? by SM Dev? correct me if I'm wrong. After a year or two, that's the time I guess I'll have the guts to try that highest wheel, after I proved to myself that its safe and not what I think about :P

    from Myxilog with love <3

    1. safe naman siya... kung safe lang din, try mo si Viking. :D

  5. went to Tagaytay and rode the Sky high recently too, ang taas no? :)

    fun trip you had there, great memories! :)

    1. ang taas kaya lang bitiiiiiin! =) i want to try it during the night, hapon kasi kami sumakay so maliwanag pa...