Friday, April 5, 2013

power quote for the one losing hope...

Luck is an offensive, abhorrent concept. The idea that there's a force in the universe tilting events in your favor, or against it, is ridiculous. Only idiots rely on luck.
 -Elementary Episode 5, Sherlock Holmes

A token for, well, nothing really. Just a sweet gesture that made my day. Sa mga panahon na sobrang down tayo, dun natin mas madalas maapreciate ang mga bagay na most of the time naneneglect lang natin, thinking that they won't go anywhere anyway. We get to have a better look of the things we'd rather take for granted in normal circumstances. We learn to love those which and that would certainly not last forever. We learn to love more. We become content. Then we realize that we did not lose happiness, we just failed to acknowledge the possibility of another definition of happiness.


Simple and quick post before going to sleep. I'm tired but I am so grateful for the reasons why I'm tired. Good night folks!