Saturday, March 2, 2013

when the absence and presence doesn't really make a difference.

disclaimer: not because I promised, but because you said something that made me really do what i promised.

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It is important for majority, if not all, to leave something behind. A mark. A legacy. An immortal memoir. Something that would make us immortal after death; our afterlife life here on earth. But really, as I have agreed with The Fault in Our Stars (TFIOS), nothing and no one lives forever. Not even the best and most glorious of memories...

I want to emphasize three thoughts (sorry, I just could not continue my Once Upon A Time marathon without making this post first)...

1. Maybe the reason why we are having such a hard time finding what we are looking for is because we are looking for the wrong thing all along. Or, maybe we do not really have to look? Just like leaving a legacy. Sometimes, we are too involved and worried in making a difference that we are not able to do anything at all. The real things are more often than not those that are unplanned, those we did not expect, those we might have not imagined. Accepting today as it is is a good start in living life to the fullest. When we see the good things, we tend to hope for the better to come, then the best, then the bestest. If we will always see the bad, we might attract the worse, and the worst, and the more worst. We should treasure those we have now, even when the good comes with some kind of bad, because once the inevitable happens and tomorrow takes it from will only take the good stuff. This world has an abundance of the "bad" because no one really wants them. Before we start looking for other good stuff, maybe we should try to appreciate and enjoy first the good that exists in our "now".

2. I may not be the best friend one could ever have (Yeah, sometimes even Me hates me. It's kinda tragic. hahaha), but it's me. So here's what I wanted to say yesterday (patawad, nakatulog ako): Without effort, destiny is just another overrated word. Someone can make all the promises he could think of and it won't really matter in the present. It could take years for just one promise to be fulfilled, and then it might not even be to the recipient's %100 satisfaction. It could take a lifetime to prove true love really exists. But it should not stop us from enjoying what we see as genuine. You could be as skeptic and as wishful as my previous phrases before this sentence, or you could be just you; the real one and not the one you thought others would approve of.

3. I'm everything I am, because You love me..
Some considers this song a love song. It is a love song for me, but not the opposite-sex type of love. Somehow hearing it awhile ago from this radio station my cousin likes, made me think of how great the song is. As per TFIOS, you dont get to choose if you get hurt in this world, but you do have some say in who hurts you. Pain is part of any lifetime, no exceptions, no hall passes. There's pain in Creation as much as there is in Destruction. The real deal? We have to be strong no matter what. And I believe the courage that lasts is from the One who had known what real pain is, the One who chose pain out of pure love, the One who is willing to experience such pain again if it's the only way to give unselfish answers even to the most selfish question.

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Those people who are always watching out for others to break an overrated general rule so they can exercise their equally overrated right to voice out opinions that no one really bothers to listen to (breathe in, breathe out.. comma splice, eh?) are usually the most insecure ones. It has been clearly established that we are defined not as how others judge us, but rather as how we judge others. ;)