Friday, February 22, 2013

the battle worth waging...

A genuine place within ourselves that keeps us safe and warm when everything around us is just a mess. Troubles will always be troubles. Reality will always be reality no matter how many excuses we could think of. We are strong only as we make ourselves strong. We are happy only as we make ourselves happy. So in the end, it is all from within us. The outside world only reacts.

When the world is too painful to face, it is within us that we find comfort. 

When we are lost and alone, we find the way by closing our eyes.

When it feels like giving up is the only option left, we think of the  moments when the things we thought impossible happened. Then our hearts interpret it as a source of hope, another point to start being positive again.

When we forgot the rules and cross the lines, we pay the consequences and ask for forgiveness. Then we look for inspiration to do better next time. Sorrows and guilt. Dreams and hope. It's always a matter of our choice. 

When we are messing things up, we pause, reflect, and then gather power from somewhere within to find the right answers. And even when we cannot find the right answers, we are okay as long as we know we are asking the right questions. Coz eventually these questions will be answered, it's just a matter of patience, will, determination, or whatever combination we think could work the magic.

When we get scared that monsters will appear once we turn the lights off, we pray.

When nothing seems to make sense, there is that hope from inside us that keeps us from letting go. We always hold on because no matter how helpless we might feel, no matter how hopeless others might make us feel, we know that there is always another way.

Our truth is in our mind and soul, from deep within us. People might contribute a lot in our pain and suffering as much as they contribute in our happiness, but is is really just about perspective. Things happen to us in effect to how we react on the previous events.

We can do great wonders, even just from small decisions. If we will trust ourselves that we are can do it, then we will be able to do it. And of course, it starts with having that special place inside that only we can access, a place where nobody else can interfere.

That special inner space is a gift. I am blessed to be given that precious gift.


Note: SIDE EFFECT of Fringe Season 3 marathon. May pinaghuhugutan po ako. Hahahahaha. At background song ko ay 'Girl in the Mirror.'

"...Because we don't focus on the miracle of the day. Instead, we just keep measuring it's length." --The Timekeeper by Mitch Albom


  1. Fringe really messed with my head too :-).

    1. OH MY GOD! i havent downloaded season 4 and 5 yet and i think im gonna go crazy if i dont finish it soon. LOL. :)))) i think peter bishop is my soulmate. hahahaha

  2. Super inspiring... Keep it up girlfriend :)

  3. Give me your inspiration. VACATION is approaching! :D