Saturday, March 9, 2013

the imbalance is THE balance...

It's hard to look for something we are not supposed to find in the first place. No matter how hard we try to look, even if we put all our everything in searching for it, if it is not part of The Big Plan, we'll never find it. But then again, nothing is written in stone. Each of us is given a half-full, half-empty piece of paper -- half-full with stories that we just could not change because they make us who we are, and half-empty with million chances for us to be whoever we want to be. In the end, what matters is that ending we create for ourselves, nobody else is given the opportunity to make it up for us.

People could hurt us, but they make us happy too. Stars could fall, but some hopeful souls make wishes upon them. Lives end, but people who lived them leave legacies that could go on for generations. People die, but they could die out of sacrifice for greater good. Love turns to hate, but hate could turn to learning and maturity. What I'm saying is, bad things happen not to punish us but because they are part of this world. Looking at the brighter side, there is always a benefit or good cause. The pain or trouble they might cause us is just collateral damage. And really, the universe decides for us if it is a bad or a good thing, we do not get to decide for the universe.

The bad things we experience make us who we are, more than the good things does. Not that good things are stereotype, they are great and we should never stop being grateful for them (don't get me wrong). It's just that, if we will look closely, the best lessons are mostly from the most painful. Even after battles, losers learn more than winners do. I read somewhere that (dear author, please forgive me) I could not remember now, that there is no 'evil' and 'good,' there is only 'balance' and 'imbalance.' 

Months from now I'm going to be twen-teen one years old (wish list coming up! JK!). I can't say I've seen it all, but from what I've seen and experienced, I can say it's not always a pleasant world. I got a long long long way to go, even after that long long long way ends, it would not even be half of what the world has to offer. So it's a countless people civilization. So it's a wide universe. I don't deny this: my mind could not decipher it all, I could only make sense of few. But no one blames me, no one sane enough even try to understand it all. Because we  were born knowing we could not know it all. We only experience our share of pain and joy out of our hopes and dreams. We only get our share of others' lives, those they willingly offered and those we took by force. We only obtain our share of knowledge and ignorance by those we accept as truth and lies, those we accept as we understand and we don't, those we accept as we like and we don't. (Yeah, right  now, I'm trying to categorize some events the past few days brought).

When something disturbs the normal order of things, a negative fallback occurs. Commercial break: Wait! I think I remember now where the balance-imbalance quote came from! Not read, but watched! I watched it from Fringe, said by Dr. Walter. LOL. Yee-haw for my short-term memory. Anyway, since there is billion of us residing in this world and beyond, it is safe to say that we don't get the good stuff all at the same time. Just as the sun sets in one place as it is rising in another. So the imbalance in some way becomes the balance that keeps the world go round. And we get only to appreciate it for the universe, not modify it to our advantage.


Good morning!