Friday, February 15, 2013

valentine's day is what? =)

Yes, it has been a February blast! Halfway to the infamous Love month and the adrenaline rush is still increasing. I guess it's because there are still lots of plans to fulfill. And I hope the goals will be reached (fingers crossed).

Anyway, how did I spent most of the first few days of February? Decorating. Making cut-outs (mostly heart shapes, of course), conceptualizing, making more cut-outs, and then more conceptualizing. We have this "we do not care if we win or lose, we just want to have fun" mantra that seems to really work because it's really stress-relieving doing heart's day decorations. Those are just the extra-curricular though. Not to mention (ok, i'm about to mention them) the hours spent eating, bonding with friends, doing random stuff, going to random places when bored, shopping (not as chic as it sounds!), watching movies, getting addicted with Am series. Yeah, mostly, these are my every day stuff.

But going back to february, what I so so so looooooooooooooove best in this month is the infinite supply of SWEET food.!They're just everywhere, literally. Cakes, cupcakes (chocolate velvet, best bet so far **wink**), chocolate bars, m&m's, cotton candy, nerds, Hansel biscuit, lollipops (thanks to my bestfriend for the inside joke), and lots more of chocolates! I don't know why it has to be just this month, but hey, I'm not really complaining. 

Just a though: I can't imagine how fatter I'll get if every month there's a Valentine's Day...Yikes.

A little serious mode. I hope you guys had a good time! We cannot all be happy at the same time, but the good thing is if we know how to enjoy and appreciate each day (and not just special days). It was not really much of a special day for me, it was just like any usual Thursday for me. But of course I could not cross out the fact that most people I was seeing were celebrating something that they feel like it has to be celebrated. So I made it a special day too, and it became special. I guess that is really the way it works...we think it could happen, we put our hearts into it, and Voila! It happens. Anyway. Thanks for making my Valentine's Day another special day that goes into my memory book.... End.

Okay! Here are some pictures we took while decorating the place (theme: Kissing Booth). I wish I could show the "really" final image of the place, too bad I do not have it yet. It's a really nice look! Haha. Yeah, we are proud of our masterpiece. **evil laugh**

Enjoy the rest of the month!