Saturday, February 2, 2013

just laughs... :D

So here are the pictures we decided to have today just for the heck of it. 

Status: Don't regret the anything, whether nice or not, that you have shared with the people who helped you get where you are today... those who helped you become who you are now. Yeah, this is nostalgia. :)

Favorite quotable quote of the day is from Judy... "Bhe may naalala ko sa facebook. Yung 'when you have to choose between two choices that are equally undesirable...' Parang ganito yun!" And guess what our topic was, MY singing and cracking jokes. True friend! LOL

And of course, the day would not be so complete without the foodtrip part! We actually ate lugaw and ice cream twice! I love the hot choco-caramel fudge at mcdo and the cheese ice cream, too! Then we ate more street food, c/o Judy! Who cares if I am so fat now, I so love eating with friends!

I've known these two for more than seven years now (i was claiming eight, one of them corrected my mathematics). Even for that long, we're still the same old us together, though of course we've all changed a lot. But the changes did not drew us apart, it's as though they never even happened. There are still no awkward silences, no moody decisions, no ME-attitude (which we  hate so much). We can still bully each other without anyone getting hurt (and believe me, when I used the term 'bully' in that sentence, it is really bullying). I guess it will always be the best part... we're bestfriends no matter what.

Hey! I love you guys! I will always will. Thanks for spending the day with me! See you soon!