Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Invisible. Essential.

We don't have to settle Nick, we're the best. 
-Jess (New Girl Episode 23)

There are times when we stop living our life to the fullest because we think it's just not worth it. We decide to settle for what's available, because fighting for what we really want seems just too tiring and disappointing. We tell ourselves it's not giving up; we get comfort from the thought that we're just sparing our feelings from getting hurt. When we stop being hopeful and thrilled for surprises that could cross our path, we stop living a happy and fulfilling life. We stop living and start EXISTING.

We get sad, we feel bad, we want to give up -- these are just natural feelings. But when it gets serious and we completely lose the will to stand and give it one more shot, we lose the whole battle right there and then. 

Faith is what we need. Faith that we can smile despite the sorrows. Faith that somebody is waiting for us. Faith that little do we know, we're the greatest person for somebody. Faith that our simple gesture means a lot to a stranger. Faith that we always have a friend. Faith that we are always somebody else's friend. Faith on simple things. Faith on greater ones. Faith that the storm would soon run out of rain. Faith that if others were able to do it, we can do it too. Faith that we can make it. Faith that we WILL make it.



  1. great words and very inspiring...i will definetly make it now!..^___^V


  2. Faith is indeed essential. Just like hope and love :)

  3. Wonderful post. Yes, faith moves mountains and faith is salvation:) have a nice day:)

  4. Faith will help us to be back on track :)

  5. We lie that it's not giving up but we still feel hurt and sad and unhappy... We convince that we can live without it and yet we only exist without it, we don't live, we just breathe.

  6. zaizai:
    and just like hope and love, it's usually complicated.

    thanks for that! :)

    parati. :) minsan nga kahit hindi ganun kagenuine ang faith natin malakas pa din 'to eh.. :)

    rafya sweets:
    yes. u'r so right about that...sometimes, too bad is also the worst too sad..


  7. Yes, coz faith moves mountains. Another inspirational post:)