Tuesday, November 27, 2012

take it from nanny mcPhee...

Lesson 1 is to stop fighting.
There are people who just can't help from starting a fire for the sake of it. But when it comes to a  point that even them is  suffocated by the smoke the fire created,  they ran away and let whoever is unlucky enough to be at the right place at the wrong time clean up the debris. There's the good dignity and there's the bad dignity. And we got to choose only one side.

Lesson 2 is to share nicely. 
It is not a crime. The world is too spacious, big time too complicated to be dominated by just one. So let's minimize all  the  selfish acts and try a little sharing. It's one of the basics in GMRC (good moral and right conduct) stuff after all.

Lesson 3 is to help each other.
We only have ourselves to turn to in the toughest and darkest of days. But as they say, no man is an island. "Help each  other." Doesn't really have to be big deals and complicated problems.  Even just  holding on to a friend when he can't find his balance is already a helping act.

Lesson 4 is to be brave.
When we're down and being kicked, there's always that thought that it's never gonna be okay again. It's easier sometimes to just give up  than to hope that after  it all,  somehow we'll  find the  strength to stand up and fight back. Disappointment is a real pain in the neck. But trying to please people is like committing suicide. Hmm. Better yet to live for what really matters to us, not what  others decide should matter to us. When there's nowhere to hold on to,  hold on to memories days when our smiles were as genuine as the light from the morning sun. Like the moon of the stars, get courage from those who offer it. There' always a back-up plan.

Lesson 5 is to have faith.
So when one thing we hold dear in our heart is taken away, we cry and then we move on.  When we fail, we learn then we move on. When we are betrayed,we forgive then we move on. When we get drunk,we sleep it off then we move on. Life is not as complicated as we usually makes it. Most of the times, it's just us who lose faith in who we are, in what we can accomplish, in what we can easily build as much as of what we can easily destroy.

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  1. Stop fighting, share nicely,help each other,be brave and have faith. Noted all :)

  2. Very nice thoughts to live by! Really loving your thoughts. You are positve and a woman with a good heart:)