Monday, October 15, 2012

no place for the dark..

i just finished reading Born in Death, book 23 in J. D. Robb's 'In Death' series. and the title in this post was a phrase from the book, a phrase that just won't go away from my head..

` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` `
life is full of combinations -- yin and yang, smiles and tears, triumphs and failures, excitement and boredom, morning and evening, sun and moon, life and death...  each is part of a whole, one cannot stand alone for both is created maybe to be accepted and understood as one, never meant to be treated as separate entities. but mostly, these are considered opposites and forever at war against each other.

but i believe that all things had began great and beautiful. everyone, everything, has a chance to end up with great and beautiful. even criminals were once innocent children with simple joys and pleasures. even superheroes have their alter-egos. and no matter how ugly things have million tendencies of becoming, there will always be the best moments.... moments wherein darkness could simply not exist. no 'buts' and 'what ifs.' and some of them are so simple we tend to take for granted...

           the awe in a mother's face the very first time 
                   she held her baby...
           a child's smile for a candy treat, 
                   a reward for a job well done...
           your first perfect score in a school test..
           daddy's proud smile when the dean 
                   held out your college diploma...
           a kid named after you, a legacy...
           your godchild's tight hug for making her birthday the best...
           a shooting star...
           another morning of waking up...
           a coffee break in a busy  working day..
           seeing a beautiful church for the first time...
           traffic lights turning green...
           a simple wish coming true..
           a prayer answered...

many books had been explaining how everything had been created to fulfill a certain purpose, whether we consider it for the better or for the worse. it is not really up to any of us to form a universal judgement; we all live by speculations and assumptions too at some points in our lives. we either understand or we just accept, that's what they always advise. some things just don't have answers, or some answers are just not for us. and we have to live with it. everything happens for a reason. and even when there are the dark days, it feels good to HOPE and have the FAITH that the wonderful ones will always outnumber the bad....

someone tried to ruin my morning. i almost allowed him to do so. then i remember how much energy i would be wasting being irritated and vengeful instead of living the day with positive vibes. i've got a few bad moments myself, but i sure do have good ones as well that i dont even try to count because they are just so many...


note: yeah, i respect your ' i beg to differs' and all the arguments you felt like giving.... =) this is a no-edit post, what comes around goes around. cheers!. =D or maybe that doesnt fit here? haha/ thanks for the visit all the same!



  1. This is exactly what I need today. Thank you. :)

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