Saturday, October 13, 2012

for love..

image taken during a tagaytay city visit. :)

once, there was a girl so in love and trusting.
she gave her everything for love.
she welcomed the pain and heartbreaks.
she thought it was part of it all.

this same girl grew up, learned more, seen more.
then this girl, who was so in love and trusting, went too deep.
she fell too deep to the point of zero salvation.
she no longer had to give her everything for love.
she was forced to give her all for love.

then this girl stopped calling it 'love.'
she thought nothing so jaded and blind should be called love.
pathetic excuses for bad behavior should not be for love.
lies and selfish motives are not for love.
taking advantage of others' weaknesses isn't an act for love.

for love is all about sharing and giving.
and then sharing and giving more.
it is rarely about I.
it is more of the YOU, of WE.

for love includes pain and heartbreaks,
but they are not part of what's for love.

for love is for those trusting and faithful.
for love is the perfect cure for people's imperfections...


p.s. SORRY FOR THE EMO FEEL ! ! ! epekto to ng panonood ko ng three XMEN movies...though si Logan ang brokenhearted sa movies, ayoko gumamit ng HE...mas madami pa din ang manlolokong lalaki! (JK! peace po!) hahaha. felt like posting something about love first before watching The Last Stand and X-Men First Class. happy weekend everyone!


  1. She seems like a girl who knows love. Not the temporary type that knocks you off your feet and implants butterflies in your stomach that die shortly after. But the type that endures time, and is build on foundations so strong, no matter how hard the earth shakes, it stands.

    They say love is blind, but nay, love makes people blind.

    She was lucky. She was taught the true meaning of love by love itself.

    Have a lovely weekend too!

  2. beautiful post about Love :)
    inspiring as well :)