Monday, October 8, 2012

it's ok to cry. but it didnt make me OK...

because i thought it was okay, I cried a lot.
i allow the pain to remain for sometime.
i was thinking, maybe, just maybe, we'll both get tired soon.
then it will be all over.

i'll get tired waiting for you to remember i hurt too.
i'd get tired looking for strength to pray you're ok.
i'll get tired searching for a flicker of gratitude.
i'll get tired being played over and over by your dirty hands.
i'll get tired hoping you'd come back.

that you, too, would get tired breaking my heart.

i can only wish, hope and pray.
i'm strong and tough and all.
but right now i just feel plain stupid. 

NOTE: picture was taken during my visit in Tagaytay City... well, that is entirely for another story. btw, this is a result of my dentist visit.. i just dont know how dentists could have voice that soothing and cause so much pain...sorry, im no dentist-fan...

***no smile for this post.


  1. That was a very powerful poem.
    Crying is only temporary, it helps for the time being, but never solves the borken. Whoever broke your heart of whatever is bothering you, I hope you are able to smile again very soon! For you genuinely deserve it.
    And + I like seeing the smiley face at the end.

    Don't worry about apologising for the comments you leave. It's your opinion, and you are entitled to it.

    1. i know. at the end of the day, smiling is still the best feeling. and it attracts the positives. :) ty.

  2. Courage may not be connected to wisdom sometimes. :)

  3. I feel every word you're saying... I known exactly how it feels
    I,too, just feel plain stupid right now.. </3