Saturday, October 6, 2012

the "F" word...

a word that starts with an F and end with a K, and is involved in a lot of hitting and always vibrating with excitement in the beginning and satisfaction when fulfilled good in the end...


Yeah, I had a good laugh at this one too, thus im sharing it! why are we people so green?! LOL

----- ok. enough with my silly nonsense -----

yesterday was an end to a lot of many things. i was kind of nostalgic thinking that sooner rather than later, i would not be seeing the familiar faces of strangers I like to watch all the time, that i would not have to walk  a long way just to satisfy a random craving for four seasons mcFloat or oreo blizzard, that the newspaper i would be reading would not come from the mini-library booth anymore....

sometimes i wish it's not yet the end, that time would somehow stop or slow down so i can make the little adjustments first before it hit me square in the face. but of course, that is wishful thinking. 

i can make the adjustments (it's an obligation, in fact), but i can't expect the rest of the world to see if i'm convenient or anything before it play out the act.

i am not an empty space, it's my end once i start considering myself as one. maybe i'm just a small dot, or a flicker of something, but i'm sure in my small way I exist. for me, that matters.

the world would not stop to accommodate my cries for help whenever i have some. to keep pace without rushing is the goal...




  1. LOL! What a bad start to my first ever comment.

    Hello! I abuse the ! symbol!
    The joke made me laugh, however I didn't quite get what you meant when you said "why are we all green"? Are you a bogie monster? o_O

    Change is one of those things that never change. Embrace it like an old friend, or the world will leave you behind.
    And everyone matters. If you feel like you matter to know (which is probably not true), just remember to matter to the one who's most important. Matter to yourself.

    Have a lovely weekend!


  2. matter to myself. OF COURSE.
    :') that's just sweet of you to say... thanks for the visit..