Friday, September 14, 2012

once upon a girly tale..

My life is definitely far from most movies and books that tell us happy endings are for everyone. We just have to be good, kind, hardworking, and friendly all the time, then everything else would follow suit. After some antagonistic encounters with the bad guys, of course. But things just don't work the way we would prefer them; not the easy way fairytales and teleseryes lay it out. 

Real life rarely is. Especially when we are stubbornly pretending we had it all under control, that we are writing our own story, that we were choosing our own characters and settings. Sometimes, we don't even need villains to ruin things for us, we could handled it all pretty well.

I can never make it up to those people I've hurt, intentionally or not. It's easy to say 'you can do better next time' or whatever, but in reality, there rarely is a next time. Second chances are given, but a hollow shadow casted could never be removed even after many lifetimes. Call me pessimist, but hey, reality usually sucks. 

Forgiving is one thing, forgetting is another story. There are those who think these two are the same, I totally disagree. One can deceive others, but not himself. He knows its there, he knows people  think twice before trusting again. he knows they are more conscious, he worry more for a broken word or any mistake... 

The best thing I could do is promise, though im pretty sure many would consider my words empty and not meant. But in time, maybe someday, I can show to the world how well I meant every single promise to do better....

someday, i will be great enough, maybe not to be accpeted, but at least to be understood...


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