Thursday, September 6, 2012

scarred...and proud. WELCOME.

Feel the pain. 
Wipe the tears. 
Learn from the fall. 
Move on. 
Start over again.

Sometimes mending bridges is not enough that it's a necessity to build new ones.  The pain from past heartbreaks are good teachers. And one thing we always learn when someone whom we gave our everything broke us into tiny little pieces with a smirk on the face? DON'T TRUST TOO EASILY. The old ways would stay, it's just not possible to really forget what had been in a blink of an eye. But it helps a lot to open new doors, visit new opportunities.

Give life again to a dead heart, a broken soul.

This is another beginning. Maybe we have met somewhere. Maybe you have read my other sites. Maybe we once rode the same train and took off at the same station. I might be just another anonymous blogger you happened to come across while browsing the net out of boredom. Maybe your curious, or not interested at all. Thanks all the same for sparing a few minutes of your precious time.

If you want to move on, manage your state.
Cry, breathe, build yourself, keep on building.
-fm radio

I've always considered blogger as an escape, mostly when I feel suffocated by worldly demands and people around me are just so annoying. This is a new beginning. These phrases give me a smile and a really positive vibe. Many things I consider most important to me might have fallen apart into pieces I cannot recover anymore, but out of the bad I know I could always find something good. If and only IF I know where to look.

Welcome. ^___^ Be with me as from today on, I tell the world how I survive the fall, how I am gonna survive every fall with a never-ending supply of confidence and will.

Let's ricochet together and give the world our own share of Clichés.....