Sunday, September 16, 2012

choices + chances = LIFE

The heart can die a million times and the body doesn't even have to get tired of feeling the pain. because it's more CHANCES than CHOICES. it happens to us all, an inevitable reality which we could accept or we could accept.

success and triumphs come with sacrifices, after all. we experience it all, possibly in different degrees and kinds, but we sure get a taste of cruelty the world has to offer. otherwise it is not life.

when our heart gets broken, every tiny little pieces hurt, they don't even have to be part of a whole to know how painful being incomplete is. an unpleasant encounter with life always leaves a hole inside us. then it has to become the turning point, mostly for survival, on whether to turn results of chances into personal choices. it might not erase the hollowness, it might never fill the empty spaces, but it sure is a choice, as much as it is a chance, to make things better than they'd ever been.

and someday, eventually, all the bad things one worked hard to turn around would go a feather being led by the wind...


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