Thursday, September 20, 2012

Courage in silence.

and i'd rather die today 
than live another day of this death...
- Snow White (snow white and the hunstman)

- - - - -

the world did not stop when you broke my heart, stepped on the shattered pieces, spit on them. for a while, it might have, everyone needed time to feel the misery and pain of a fall, after all. but  it ended as fast it had started. everyone was surprised, even myself.

fate has a way of imposing its rules upon us... so I had to learn the hard way to give some fight when necessary and do some twisting of my own. I was down, so I stood up. I was left behind so I ran to be able to keep up. It's not a matter of who believes in me, it's all about me believing in my self.

I know i would make it through... I made it true.

Choices. Decisions. Once i give up and choose to "go with the flow," i will lose control. Once i lose control, i will lose everything. 

Courage in a silent form... I stood up.

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