Tuesday, September 25, 2012

the worst choice...

the worst choice you can make is no choice at all..
-the five year engagement..

we all have our ghosts, crosses to carry, banes of our existence. in this life wherein nothing is constant but those things we allow to be constant, every next step is more often a question. heck, there are often more questions than there are answers. but those things that hunt us, that keep us awake at nights and unwelcomingly invade our dreams, those are part of who we are. what we've become in the present is a summation of our past life, a history that could never be changed or altered. we are who and what our personal history made us.

so how do we deal? it's how we use them, and not be used by them. maybe that's how real courage goes -- how one acts against forces he doesnt have the power to fight, how one reacts on consequences he might or might not have played a part on, how one treats his own self after a failure or a huge mistake he knows very well to be his own fault. 

It's not about winning it all, it's about what had become of us after the fight that matters. Victory doesnt mean a thing when all the good and wonderful that one had stood for, all that one believed to be who he is, is compromised. Every battle will always take something from us and install something of its own that we would have to live with for the rest of our lives. But to be corrupted and changed into a worse man is never the way things are supposed to be....

Courage. Valor. Bravery. 
Different words, nonetheless imparts the same meaning.

It's never always the same....