Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Let Love

Love is the person you miss when you are alone and hurting.
Love is unrequited and painful.
Love is a strike of lightning that kills strong old trees.
Love is a the storm disturbing an otherwise peaceful night.
Love is seeing your reflection with haunted eyes.
Love is all your wounds that refuses to heal.
Love is all the unanswered questions.
Love is your dreadful past.
Love is the last breath of a dying soul.
Love is the throbbing feeling before a high jump.
Love is a disease that sucks the life out of you.
Love is the homeless.
Love is having to run fast when you can barely walk.
Love is the cold and scary street.
Love is the merciless words you use to destroy a person's dream.
Love is that dream that never came true.
Love is being broken forever.
Love is pain.
Love is ugly.
Love is disaster.
Love is all the frustration you're keeping inside.
Love is all that has nothing to give.
Love is your tears.
Love is your pain.

But love will save us all... if we let it become what it's meant to be. Remove all the ifs and whys, just let it be love.