Monday, October 23, 2017

True Colors

You with the sad eyes, don't be discouraged
Oh I realize, it's hard to take courage
In a world full of people, you can lose sight of it all
The darkness inside you, can make you feel so small

Show me a smile then, don't be unhappy
Can't remember when, I last saw you laughing
This world makes you crazy
And you've taken all you can bear
Just, call me up, 'cause I will always be there
- True Colors

One. It is important that I know and that I accept that this shall end. It is important that I know you won't be around forever. We become the truth we choose to believe. Though there are bumps we cannot overcome and stars always out of reach, we can still make the decision to be happy. Be happy from watching a star we cannot catch. Be glad we have the chance to see the beautiful drawing of a sky we can never own. 

Two. Have you met someone you don't see crying but is always sad? Have you met someone who has so much compassion but was always alone? Have you met someone who give more than most people but has so much little? Those people impact lives the most.

Three. I am glad that you have something you hold dear. It's what keeps a person going. When you have someone or something you want to protect, you become strong and motivated even on your darkest moments. You will not be clouded by hate because your love will outshine  negativity. You will fall, you will be broken, you will be cheated, you will lose hope. But you will never ever be defeated by a bad and hopeless life. You will go back to the basics. Remember who you are fighting to live for. Remember why you used to be excited and smiling for no reason. Remember the good moments. The bad days will soon be over. You are not alone.

Four. You know I love you. I will always do. I will learn all kinds of love. I will treasure all moments of happiness from these loves. But your kind of love is something I will remember for a long long lifetime.

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