Sunday, March 20, 2016

You can be blind and still see everything that's beautiful.

We are thankful for what we have, but mostly, we long for those we think we want but could not have. We lack the satisfaction and gratitude towards things that matter. We waste so much energy in searching and chasing unimportant things. When we finally catch them, we ask for more because they don't feel right. It's not because we humans are faulty and thirsty by nature; it's because often, we lack the vision and the heart to read between the lines. 

Sometimes, I unconsciously disregard my family and friends knowing that they will always be by my side no matter what. I fail to appreciate the little successes I achieve because I'm hungry for that big step. I tend to make plans that overlaps because I'm trying to keep up with the world's panic. I can be a real *bit%& to my peers without considering their feelings. 

Sometimes, it feels like I'm invincible. Sometimes, it just feels like I'm running out of time.

Truth is, I just want to be happy and at the same time spread the happiness to everyone I can reach. But happiness is so general and vague that people tend to misinterpret what it means. From the past years, I've learned that my happiness is in giving love and in giving happiness. Selflessness is a healthy source of many good things. It does not have to be reciprocated for it to be genuine. If you can give and love without asking to be loved and be given, you will be loved and be given with so much more.

It's a big world, and what I can reach at the moment is so little. But I don't need to conquer the world, really. I know I am strong enough to fight the urge to conquer, not just because it is impossible, but also because I've learned to fill my heart with what it needs to be full of. Small steps of successes. A soft laugh. That beautiful rainbow on a shitty day. A sweet treat from a friend. A random love letter posted online anonymously.

You can, too. Just look deep into yourself and feel without looking at the world. What do you really need? What do you really want? What makes your heart skip and what makes your stomach flutter? You are surrounded by amazing things. Everything is provided, you just need the clear eyes to see it.

Good night!