Sunday, March 13, 2016

Amazingly Pinas: Minalungao National Park, Nueva Ecija


This is how I describe the place whenever someone asks how was it. It was absolutely beautiful. I know I say these words a lot because I am very easy to please; but I swear Minalungao has a lot to offer that other eco-friendly tourist spots no longer have. It's quite far from the city town proper so going alone might not be a good idea (unless you have your own mobile service). Good thing is, roads are currently under construction so people will have a more comfy travel experience soon. The park itself, specifically the amenities, are being fixed as well when we went there; hopefully they don't change it much. It's quite stunning the way it is.

When the idea to just be somewhere far, beautiful, and summer-friendly hits, give this a try! Our plan visit #2 is on my birth month. I'm looking forward to seeing it again. Here goes some pictures we got. 

AGENDA: Unwind with family and friends.
Reason: It's weeeeeek-eeeeeeeeeend!!!!!
Location: Minalungao National Park, General Tinio, Nueva Ecija
Estimated Budget from Manila (Nagtitipid, madaming kasama): 1000 php
Estimated Budget from Manila (Nagtitipid, mag-isa): 1500 php

Awesome rock formations, clean and refreshing river water, awesome scenic view wherever you look. If you want an overview of the whole place (and something to kick-start your trip), you can also try the two-way trip zip line (for only 100 php) offered at the park's gate before entering the actual park.
Take it from a Novo Ecijana, our province probably has the hottest temp in all Luzon (maybe). And once you discover this not-so-secret-anymore soon-to-be-famous tourist spot, I'm sure you'll forget about all those pools and resorts you visit every summer. Why limit your fun in an enclosed space when you can max it out here?

This bangka (500 php, with guide, no time limit) served as our cottage. You can choose to take it easy and cheap by renting the cottage beside the river (safer for kids), not rent anything at all, or tour the park like a boss on this. It's safe, I promise.
Thanks to Kuya who maneuvered our ride around the place. Just watching people swim and have fun was enough adrenaline for us. We were not able to try the hanging bridge though because it's under construction (next time!).
Our last stop was the cave (I forgot to ask what it's called). We had to cross a wooden bridge and started our climb uphill from there. There was not that many people who entered the cave, but yey we did! Tips: Bring flashlight, wear proper footwear because rocks are slippery and the climb itself is not easy, don't leave your bottled water on the cottage like I did.


Directions? I really don't know. If you have service, go to Gapan City, asked how to go to General Tinio, follow the signs going to Minalungao (there's one every turn). If you'll commute, just ride a bus going to Gapan City/Cabanatuan City (150-170php from Cubao, around 2-3 hours). Drop-off at Gapan City, ride a trike going to General Tinio (150-200 php). Ask how to go to Minalungao. You can also google it! **wink **wink

Have a great summer!