Monday, January 25, 2016

Amazingly Pinas: Daranak Falls, Tanay, Rizal

My grandfather asked me during my sister's wedding, "Ikaw, kelan? (So when will YOU get married?)" Mind you, I'm just turning 24 in a few months. And I sure don't have any plans of settling down any time soon. Instead of worrying about my family's growing expectations and trying to compete with everybody else whose getting married and having babies, I decided to take the path less chosen... Be spontaneous and free!

Yes, it's very general. That's the thing about being spontaneous and free, it can be anything. We decide what we want to be, where we want to be, when we want to be it, how we want it done. As the poem says, I am the master of my fate,. I am the captain of my soul.

So to kickstart the year of blogging, endless travels, volunteer work, foodtrips and random acts of spontaneity and freedom, here goes...

AGENDA: Go somewhere beautiful. Anywhere as long as it is beautiful.
Reason: It's New Year, so I wanted to go somewhere beautiful.
Location: Daranak Falls, Tanay, Rizal
Estimated Budget (Nagtitipid, madaming kasama): 380 php
Estimated Budget (Nagtitipid, mag-isa): 550 php

Who needs white beach and gorgeous swimsuits? Let us chase waterfalls! 
Everything is just well-preserved. Even if there's so many visitors around, I still felt so close to Nature. Indeed. Nature does not adjust to people's desires, it is the other way around. 
If you don't want the hassle of going back and forth to your tent whenever you are hungry or tired, better pack up light so you and your friends can just get the small table and stay near the water. Our only regrets during the trip, we let Manong downstairs talked us into getting the tent. :)))

It does not take much to make your dreams come true. Right now, I dream of travelling all over the Philippines. There's too many places and less time to spend. I want so many things that sometimes, two days rest a week just seems so short. But hey, there are endless blessings and I am so thankful for all of them. Whenever I feel like I'm running out of time or there's just too many deadlines and reminders, I pause and tell myself to take it one at a time. Finish one task after another. Just be smart and brave enough to tell yourself: I don't need to rush. Not at all.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Directions (Disclaimer: Don't trust me with directions):
1. Meeting place was Sta. Lucia Grand Mall.
2. We walked towards a highway (told ya, don't trust me that much) and we rode a jeepney going to Antipolo (20 php). We were advised that there is no jeepney going straight to Tanay, Rizal.
3. We were dropped off at Antipolo (it's either Shopwise or Savemore, this I'm sure) then we rode a jeep going to Tanay (35 php). Just tell the driver or conductor to drop you off at Daranak.
4. Tricycles were already in queue for passengers going to Daranak Falls. It's quite far so walking not an option. Unless you have your own car, of course. Three people could occupy a trike and one ride is worth (200 php). 
5. Once you are in the area, you can rent a table or a tent. At first, it would look like the tent is cleaner and cozier, a better option. But if the whole group wants to really enjoy the falls and the whole trip, it's better to get a table near the falls (or best option: not to rent anything at all). This way, you wouldn't have to worry about your stuff getting lost or having to leave a friend behind to watch over the group's belongings.