Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Great Perhaps

First love, a sad story I remember not to forget
Sadness creeps in and memories start to flash
Day by day I keep saying I don't care, not anymore
My hearts knows the words yet I don't dare speak their worth

First love, it is the best story I will someday share
To friends, to lovers, to my one truest love, I hope
I walk with two feet, I listen with eyes closed
And to my first love I say, my heart shall never grow old

Colorful yesterdays, a rainbow-kind of first love
They said the end has gold, first love is a child's prayer
Preciously protecting, with no chance of letting go
I held on, I still am holding on, until I lose control

First love, my beloved wonderful love
Look not behind but within, the magic is in your heart
Say your wish and the stars will command
Once more, be beautiful and be truly in love

Note: The title and the story is inspired by the book I am currently reading.