Saturday, March 14, 2015

Going home and getting married.

No, it was not me who got married. Chill.

Anyway, I've been thinking a lot about marriage and why does some people seems to take it for granted these days. What used to be a sacred vow is now just a scapegoat, to save face you could say. What used to be the most wonderful thing is now just an effect to some cause, practicality at work.

I am not saying all couples who get married are not head over heels each other. But whether we like it or not, truth is, some couples get married for lack of anything else to do with the relationship. Or possibly because it is the logical thing to do to avoid being talked about. 

Magic. Love. Spark. Chemistry. That kilig factor. 

We all want this from our relationship. But when we get busy with life, or when life becomes busy with us, we tend to lose the hyped feeling of being in love. Married or not, it is important not to lose that fairytale hope of an everyday happy ever after. Once we lose this kind of magic in us, we lose the love we worked so hard to keep. We lose sight of why we want to be successful in our career in the first place. We forget how it is like to be excited to wake up. We settle for throw-in "I love you's" and whatsoever. We go with the flow but we are not really moving. We become the leaf the tree just decided not to keep, on the ground, dead and will soon fade away.

My point? Nothing, really. I attended a wedding recently. Then I dreamed about another wedding. Now, there's another one I am invited to. I guess, I hope, love is everywhere. For those getting married and planning to do so in the near future, I hope for a strong relationship full of love, trust, loyalty, and... uhm, good health. There will be rough days, but be thankful that you always have someone to share those with.

And now. My vain mode.
I don't remember what I was thinking while adoring those beautiful flowers...
maybe I was just happy for another start of a happily ever after.