Thursday, February 12, 2015

Random Pictures From My Phone I Want To Share

New discovery at Maginhawa Street, or near it, I guess. The best pistacho ice cream you will ever find. I've tried a lot of ice creams, and this is only where I want to go back on every birthday. You can find it at Magiting St., Diliman, QC.
I was browsing random books to read, and the search results really made my day. THE BRO CODE, for real! So I downloaded these four, and started reading Barney's contribution.
The smiling face of my ever friendly and trusting little cousin. He is my stress reliever whenever I go home in our province. As little as he is, he knows that he needs to smile when someone says "Picture tayo!" He does not have mood swings or 'attitude' moments. He is just a baby but he already knows how to make a lot of people happy. He is the cutest!
Our recent Tagaytay City visit, which lead us to the coffee shop/restaurant Bag of Beans (I call it Baguio Beans). It has the best (and I really mean it) Strawberry Cheesecake in the whole wide world. The frappes are not too sweet (which is equal to not good for me), but when partnered with the cheesecake... YUM!
The cheesecake and frappe I am talking about!
My travel and foodtripping buddies, tell them a good place to visit or a good restaurant to eat, they will ask you where and when. We are planning to do Sagada this coming March. We are the team Awesome!
The wedding of my beloved... It was a memory of all beautiful things. I remember people looking so overwhelmed for the love and support flowing from everyone. It was a magical day where there was no room for anything else but happiness.
Someone told me it is obvious when I am faking my smile. I asked that person what it means, that person showed this picture to me and told me, "Yan, ganyan ang totoo mong smile." They say my eyes are smiling too when I am really happy. It was a really sweet thing to say.