Thursday, October 9, 2014

We all need a good cry sometimes...

I cried because I just can't take it anymore. When someone abandons his job, the rest available people has to take over. Otherwise, the job needed to be done won't be completed. So there I was, asked to do tasks I was not supposed to be doing, looking for reports that were not supposed to be missing. I thought it would be easy, but after 30 minutes of checking emails and running in circles with people who seemed to have no idea what I was talking about, I gave up. And then someone came to my rescue. She always has a soft spot for crying girls. Or maybe I just looked really pathetic on my high seat, frowning and red-eyed, and she felt like I needed help. Honestly, what I needed was a shoulder to cry on, or maybe faces to punch (way way better). 

Looking at the brighter side though, I only got three more days and my current class will graduate (I hope). On Saturday, (I am spreading the word), there will be food festival at Maginhawa St. Most of the restaurants and food hubs there will be joining the festival so I am sure it will be so delicious and fun! My friends and workmates will come over as well, and we will eat all the food that we can. Then once our clients from Las Vegas go back to US, we are planning to take a break from the urban world, the options are Pangasinan and Baler. Suggestions, anyone?