Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Share a smile!

A smile can go miles. It can cross lines that seem impossible to cross. It connects people and overcomes differences. It can mend broken ties.

A smile makes it possible for a broken heart to heal. It can be one's way of showing forgiveness, lending a hand, or offering a shoulder to cry on. It can light up other's lives, no matter how dark it might have been for them.

A smile can be one's way out of trouble. It can soften even the hardest of steels. An enemy can become a friend, and a friend can become a best friend.

Make your smile matter. 

Share a smile!
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Here are what made me smile the past few days!

My cousin baby Paul na laging fluffy ang face. But he always smiles whenever a camera clicks!

My yabhi's cat, Bubu. I am not a cat person, but when this little guy does his crazy walks, I always laugh hard!

My two newly printed/bought batman shirts!

My bestfriend's little bro's gift to me. Spongebob cards!

Stuff and keychains, mine...and my baby's toys!

How about you? What's making you smile?

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