Friday, December 13, 2013

the purpose of fire is to burn....

If believing in 'forever' and 'true love' is just a dream, then a lot of us is sleepwalking. Love is our strength and it is beautiful. Love is our weakness and it is still beautiful, even if only in a twisted way. Love is not real and it loses all its beauty, all the magic it's supposed to have. It becomes nothing.

Sometimes the wire must tense for the note
Caught in the fire, say oh
We're about to explode

Carry your world, I'll carry your world
Carry your world, I'll carry your world

Some far away
Some search for gold
Some dragon to slay
Heaven we hope is just up the road
Show me the way, lord, 'cause I... I'm about to explode...

(Atlas, Coldplay)

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