Sunday, May 26, 2013

my 21st birthday Cliché...

Happy Birthday to me! And good morning to you, too! Because I've been awake for almost three and a half hours now doing nothing, really, but twist and turn and eat mini milky way and musketeers chocolates on my bed, I finally decided to do something productive (yep, this is me being productive).

What I'm about to do is Clichéd... my 21 birthday wishes for my 21st birthday (oh yeah, it's gonna be a long list)!

1. Book. This is a personal tradition. Either someone gives me a book, or I give me a book. I have a really long wish list for books so let's not get into that. But there's this one Filipino joke book I've been trying to buy that I guess I'm gonna get for this birthday (I just thought of that exactly a few seconds ago).

2. Song Dedication. This is another personal tradition. I wonder if there is one for this year.

3. Shooting star. Some people wish upon them, I just wish to see one of them during birthdays...okay, I also wish to see one during Christmas. They are just so magical it feels like everything is not happening even when they really are. (Fun Fact: I've seen a shooting star only once. And yeah, it was on a long-time-ago birthday).

4. New Girl Season 2. I love this series. sa mga panahong stressed at depressed ako, I could go all day bumming around and watching Jess live her life.

5. Fringe Season 4 and 5. This was my fierce mode series. Can you believe I finished the first three seasons in just two months? (FYI, I only had two rest days in a week).

6. A bottle of alcoholic drink. I don't drink so I'd love a bottle. Kampai!

7. A Movie Date. It was a plan I formulated when 2013 began...that special occasions can be celebrated alone as long as part of the day is a movie date. 

8. Ritter Sport in dark green wrapper.

9. Ritter Sport in patterned dark brown wrapper.

10. Ritter Sport in Cappuccino flavor. I forgot the wrapper's color. For numbers 8 and 9, too. Since last year, this has been my favorite chocolate and in the seven flavors I've tasted, these three are so far the best. Can you feel how much I love ritter sport? They occupy three numbers on my limited 21 wishes!

11. Hug. When nothing seems to go right, a hug always makes a difference.

12. A Good Joke. A joke that would make me laugh all day and has no expiration date.

13. A Great Meal. What's a birthday with no food that would make me remember the day? Bad birthday... hihihi

14. A Letter. It could come from anyone, but it should come from that anyone's heart.

15. A Poem. It's classic but I still think writing for someone is the sweetest thing in the world.

16. A Birthday Picture.

17. A Cute T-Shirt. I'm just that t-shirt kind of girl.

18. A Birthday Card. People rarely appreciate greeting cards anymore. It's been all about social networking sites and techie means these days. It's sad how trends could break good sentiments. Facebook or Twitter greetings hardly make a person cry, even a phonecall could be difficult. But a greeting card? It's the epitome of things that make a person cry with joy.

19. Fireworks. Something that would make this birthday magical...

20. A Surprise. Something that would make this birthday the best ever...


Note: Number 21 is a blank... you guys have a slot in my wish list. If given the chance, what would you give me? Make me happy. ^________________^