Monday, April 22, 2013

take a chance, claim that it's yours.

when you're tired of failing but you try again anyway, that's a winner's will.

when you won but you did not brag, that's being honorable.

when you're running out of time and losing trust but you waited anyway, that's love.

when you're experiencing nothing but loss and pain but you took the next step anyway, that's patience and bravery in one.

when you're scared but you push through anyway, that's real courage.

when you're shoved to the ground but you stood up again anyway, that's determination.

when you're mocked but you smile anyway, that's time-management (LOL).

when you're discouraged but you made it happen anyway, that's passion.

when you're given all the best options but you chose the one that's good so others can have the best ones, that's sharing.

when you're not loving the job yet you completed the tasks, that's discipline.

when you thought you could not do it but you tried anyway and made it happen, that's talent unraveled.

when you're broken but you picked up the broken pieces anyway, that's moving on.

when you're embarrassed but you still stayed, that's forgiveness.

when you're left behind but you forgive anyway, that's acceptance.

when they say you can't but you did it anyway, that's being yourself.

when you're sick of it all yet you believed and the least you expected did happen, that's called magic.


End of the week. I can't wait for the next one to start. :) Have a great week ahead everyone!

I STILL MISS YOU. But this time it's with a smile. :)