Friday, April 26, 2013

of fridays, gummymallows and newly DL'd songs.

because it's been one heck of a stressful week, we just had to get away from work stuff. and since me and my friends still had lots of separate plans for the rest of the day, unwinding meant close- to-home-getaway.

So, it's a Thank-God-It's-Greenhills-Friday day for us !

and here's a snapshot (c/o ate pat) of me in our newly discovered kids' world. the place is called Regina's Place somewhere in Shoppesville (i'm not good with directions, sorry). it's not like your usual Greenhills shop or mall place. It was a simple toy, candy and book store with a lot of unexpensive but real stuff. They even had plastic balloons and imported white rabbit candies. And my favorite discovery was the strawberry gummymallows (which is behind the ice cream candies, btw). It was really tasty and not your usual gummy bear. And it was only for 49.50 php (ok, i'm stopping already).

For Lunch, we ended up eating chicken saucer and crablet something (i forgot what it's called. haha) because we could not find an empty table anywhere else. A little window shopping, then off we go.

but wait, i think there's still more (*evil laugh*). the weekend is just about to begin (*louder evil laugh*).

Happy weekend! 


For those who lacks inspiration and just feels like it's all but grayish and never really just plain black or plain's a playlist to accompany you... smile, you're always worth it. 

Something Real (Renee Stahl)
Our Story (One Day At A Time) (Graham Colton)
Carry On (Fun)
Just Give Me a Reason (Pink)
Stay (Rihanna)
Smile (Jayhawks)
Soul Singing (The Black Crowes)
The Light (Sara Bareilles)
Happy (Leona Lewis)

i hope you enjoyed my newly downloaded songs. :)