Friday, February 1, 2013

Happiness in moderation.


Whatever that is excessive is not good. Too much work is depressing. Too much love hurts. To much food is unhealthy. Too much television is eyesore. Too much school is boring. Too much feelings are dangerous. Too much danger lessens the fun. Too much of stuff is just.... too much.

So for this month, it is MODERATION month! And I've sure got a lot of things in mind. I can start with eating sweet food. hahahaha. Then to the more complicated ones thereafter. Yeah, this is a nonsense post. The main objective is to welcome the month and to share my LSS today.

Have a happy February! ^_________^

When you let it go
What they say is true
When you let it go
It'll come right back to you
When you let it go
There is freedom when you do