Tuesday, October 30, 2012

death wish?

he woke up wishing he's dead,
a silent prayer...
to God, to the devil,
to anybody who's listening.

he smiled sensing the end,
the last breathe of someone else...
or his own dream coming true?

he wishes for salvation.
death falling on earth like angry raindrops...

he stared and looked and stared still...
like a mantra where every blink is a heartbeat..
is it just him?
or is the world a really cruel place...

- - - 

NOTE: i am not suicidal or anything. nah-ah. :)))) i just wanted to post something, and the rain helped me out. so here goes... i apologize for the lack of posts the past days... really busy here. but that's going to change soon. i so hope! happy Tuesday everyone!