Tuesday, April 24, 2018

It hurts because it's real

Love captures everything that is genuine in a person. If we can't be who we are with someone, that it not real love. Love is accepting ourselves and being able to share all shades of it to another person. We do not hide the bad things, we share it along with the best ones. Love guides us to perfection even when we know there is nothing perfect about us. Love guides us to learn the hardest lessons. Love teaches us when to hold on and when to let go. If it's difficult and hurtful, it must be true love. If it's happy and magical, it must be true love. It goes both the right and the wrong way. But even the most perfect relationship tends to end if it's meant to be that way. It must end not because it isn't true, it must end because it's only a passing love. We must accept this reason for us to keep our sanity after being heartbroken. It's not less painful just because we have the courage and maturity to believe that it was never meant to last. We hurt bad, get absorbed by the pain, then we change the way we see it. Love, just like life in general, is always about survival of the fittest. There's no other way but to adjust to the circumstances. We learn to bend when necessary so we won't break. But sometimes, we get hit real hard and we break anyway. Again, it's not because we were not flexible enough... it's not always our fault that we hurt and get left behind. 

Being heartbroken is not a sign of weakness. The ability to love is a good kind of strength. When you were in love and happy, you had that feeling that you were ready to face anything. Now that you are shattered and lonely, you should be able to face everything. Do not give up who you are just because someone made you feel unworthy. You can't keep a lost soul by becoming a lost soul yourself. Your worth is what you make it to be. Keep your light shining, no matter how faint, it will be your source of strength when there is nowhere else to get it from. Remember, being left behind was never because of who you are. It's always because of who they think they can become without you. It's not your fault if they don't know themselves anymore. Let them go. Prove them wrong. Whichever will make you feel better. Just make yourself happier, make the light shine brighter. Be someone worthy and do it all for yourself. 

Even when you only attract broken hearts, do not get discouraged and do not give up on love. Maybe the whole that two broken pieces completes is way better than the combination of two wholes. Maybe you got broken because you were meant to be one with another broken soul. It doesn't look like a match made in heaven, but you never know. Broken souls are more loyal and loving when they love again. Broken hearts are the most sincere of us all.

Forever is a concept we get skeptic about as we are on the grow older-learn to love-get broken.-repeat cycle. It changes depending on how you see yourself and how you live your life. Forever could be non-existent. Forever could be something you slowly build by investing important pieces of yourself in a relationship everyday. It could be a mission or a vision. Forever could be a lost love or something you are still searching for. Forever is probably a journey with endless possibilities, or it could be an experience you get to have only once in a lifetime. Forever could be the lifetime itself, or it could be just a day you can never forget. It doesn't matter what your forever is, what matters is how your forever makes you as a person. Maybe our forever is who we are and where we are now, not who we want to become or where we want to be. Maybe forever is not something we wait for; maybe forever is something we live and appreciate today.

I have so many questions. I have a lot of doubts. But maybe, these are all what I need to find myself. Maybe asking these questions to the right person will eventually give me the right answers.

Iindahin ko ang sakit na gumuguhit
Ngingiti sa likod ng luhang pumupunit
Baka masulyapan mo yung dulo
Kasi sabi mo walang hanggan, ba't merong dulo?
Ibibigay ko ang lahat paulit ulit
Bawat pagkakataon ay aking isusulit
Basta matalikuran mo yung dulo
Ang sabi mo walang hanggan
Ba't nandito tayo sa dulo?
Sa dulo...

'Wag ka munang tumalikod
Bumalik ka muna dito
Padampi kahit anino
Ayokong mag-isa dito
Wala na bang bisa aking dalangin?
Tinataboy na ba ng langit?
Nakikiusap na lang sa hangin
Ngayon wala ka na sa akin

Bakit ba biglang meron tayong dulo?
Pangako mo walang hanggan
Bakit nandiyan ka sa dulo?
Pwede bang kalimutan mong may dulo?
Handa 'ko sa walang hanggan
Pangako mo walang hanggan
Akala ko walang hanggan
Pero eto tayo sa dulo

Title: Walang Hanggan
By: Jose "Quest" Villanueva III

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