Thursday, February 23, 2017

Everyone is somewhere

He was alone and he still is. There is nowhere to go yet he keeps on going. Going anywhere and  nowhere. Because it is the only thing he knows. It is his only purpose. When his desperation made him crave for a final moment, it rained. Then it keeps on raining. He is not sure if it is his sadness that's making it rain or if it is simply one of those meaningless things he is meant to encounter. 

Funny how "meaningless" and "meant to be" can make sense like this. 

There is no such thing as greatness. There is nothing more useless than himself. Then there was a shadow, he was not sure what it was. A glimmer of a parallel universe? A momentary trick of the mind? His heart's desire? It was there, he is sure. In a moment of panic to become someone other than alone and useless, he hoped for that shadow to be more than his imagination. He is still moving towards nowhere. But he feels inspired somehow. Inspired to be noone who is going nowhere and is trying to become nothing.

Then he tried to walk backwards for a change. "Ah.." He silently told himself. He did not want to speak out loud because he was not sure if he still know how. It was not an expression of awe, it was just another sad remark. He no longer sees the endless road ahead yet he all remains the same. 

It was a black and white vast nothingness with his fading footprints. For a strange moment there, he thought he was in awe..