Monday, June 24, 2013

my lovesong for someone...

For you I give a lifetime of stability, anything 
You want of me, nothing is impossible 

For you there are no words 
Or ways to show my love 
Or all the thoughts I'm thinking of 
'Cause this life is no good 
Alone since we've become one I've made a change 
Everything I do now makes sense
All roads end, all I do is for you 

For you I share the cup of 
Love that overflows and 
Anyone who knows us knows 
That I would change all faults I have 
For you there is no low or high
 Or in between of my Heart that you haven't seen 

'Cause I share all I have 
And am, nothing I've said's hard to understand 
And all I feel I feel deeper still and always 
Will and all this love is for you 

Every note that I play,  Every word I might say 
Every melody I feel are only for you and your appeal 
Every page that I write, 
Everyday of my life wold Not be filled without the things 
That my love for you now brings 

For you I'd make a promise 
Of fidelity, now and for eternity 
No one could replace this vow 
For you I'd take your hand 
And heart and everything 
And add to them a wedding ring 
'Cause this life is no good alone, 
Since we've become one you're all I know 
And if this feeling should 
Leave I'd die and here's why 
All I am is for you 

Everything I do now makes 
Sense, all roads end 
All I do is for you

For You (by Kenny Lattimore)
- - - - - 

This song is for my special someone. We do not have an official label for now. You're not my boyfriend, not my bestfriend, not my husband, or what not. But it feels like you are already. Every time we are together, it feels like the first time. It is always a special moment even when we are not really doing anything. I won't say I Love You. Not just yet. But I hope from deep in my heart that you know exactly how I feel.

(n_n) ♥ (n_n)