Sunday, November 4, 2018

Rainbow Thoughts

You know you can't give up because noone else will fight your battles for you. You know you have to be strong and patient to overcome every hardship you encounter. When you started to accept that there is no shortcut in life, you also stopped trying to make light and easy of hard decisions. You now take them at face value. A difficult question more often deserves a difficult answer. Even an easy problem can sometimes be solved only by a painful solution. 

Life is so unpredictable that you always only expect hard times. When a storm comes, you give it some thought and then you move on.  That's how you've always got past through life... scarred but alive. Wounds heal, but life remains the same. There will always be the difficult days whether you are ready to face them or not.

You are the child born out of mistakes and hate, but no accusation bothers you anymore. Everything you hear is an opinion that people can freely give even if you are not interested to hear it. Others always have something to say against you. They think they live better just because you allow them to freely word their thoughts without rebuttals. You know they also have their flaws but you keep them to yourself. For you, it's just not worth discussing. They will not listen anyway. They will always do and say what they want to do and say, your opinion is not as important as theirs.  

Still, you live your day and go through life while patiently waiting for some miracle to change its course. You're waiting for that shadow to appear, indicating that there's light somewhere which you can use as your guide. There is that flicker somewhere, you know you will see it one day.

You only need yourself to treat you good. You only need yourself to love you hard and true. You only need youself to take care of you. Others can complement the happiness yourself can give you, but you dont need solely others to be happy. You only need you to tell you “this too shall pass.” You only need you to make yourself feel you are also important. 

You only need yourself to love you. Ever.

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