Thursday, September 11, 2014

Maginahawa St. is MASIRAMON STREET!

Vocab Check:
Masiram is the Bicol term for delicious.
Masiramon is the upgraded word, which means very delicious.

Since a lot of my friends keep on asking me to go with them and eat at Maginhawa St. lately, I finally made up my mind and decided to do this segment (or whatever you may want to call it). I want to share how great eating is, and how greater it is when you do it the Maginhawa St.-way. 

I am no food expert, but I so love eating so... 

For my debut post, here are my two favorites so far.  

The Sweet Spot
        A very comfortable and nice place, mostly visited and stayed at by students. Aside from its unique ambiance, the food is also to-look-forward-to. They have limited choices for main dishes and sandwiches, but living up to their name, the "sweets" will definitely satisfy your cravings.
             Price Range: 150+php
             My Favorites: Ube Cheesecake, Beer battered Fish, and Iced Blended Coffee

Tornado Peri-Peri Chicken
         We tried this place because when it was featured at PopTalk, the food looks really yummy. We were not disappointed! Their best feature, I guess, is their three sauces (Original, Tiger's Fury, Dragon's Breathe).
             Price Range: 120+php
            My Favorites: 1. I forgot the name, but it is their best-seller chicken dish 
                                with dragon's breath sauce.
                                 2. T-bone steak.

And so our journey to visit and eat in all the restaurants and food shacks in Maginhawa St. begins. So far I've crossed out six (I think?). If you want to impress your date and have a family night out and have fun, you can try this place. It's worth it, I swear!

Next to visit: Grill Queen, Snapshack, Infinitea 

See you!